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Ear Notch Testing
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The Lab
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Swans Veterinary Services provides specialized Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) testing and consultancy for veterinarians and producers throughout Australia. In 2006 we established the first commercially available laboratory for the diagnosis of animals Persistently Infected (PI) with the BVDV virus utilizing easily harvested ear notch tissue.

Dr Enoch Bergman imported and set up the purpose built laboratory after failing to find anyone in Australia willing to offer the service. Whilst the initial goal was to provide testing for the Swans clientele, it soon became evident that the service would be useful to other veterinarians. Swans now consults to and tests for vets all over Australia in beef, dairy and the feedlotting industries and is Australia’s primary provider of BVDV ear notch testing.
In 2009 we began offering Bulk Milk Tank BVDV Antibody Testing. This assay has proven a powerful tool for many of our dairy veterinary clients. The Bulk Tank test can be used either to guide veterinarians and producers when setting up control programs in dairies or to provide ongoing surveillance for reintroduction to dairies.
We can provide purpose built testing kits for submission of samples to our lab including inexpensive freighting arrangements. Once samples arrive at our lab, ear notch samples are tested the following day, with results usually 24 to 48 hours after delivery. Bulk Tank samples are tested and reported weekly.
The lab was initially managed by Enoch and part time technicians. As the lab became busier, we were able to employ full time staff to manage the lab. Our Laboratory Manager, Sharon Slater, is available daily in the lab for any queries relating to ear notch or bulk tank testing, freighting, or results.
The Swans Veterinary Services BVDV Lab strives to continually improve upon the services we offer. We appreciate feedback from our existing clients and welcome new clients to try our service.
BVDV Lab contacts:

Dr. Enoch Bergman DVM



Mobile: 0427 716 907


Sharon Slater BSc, Lab Manager
Lauren Norris, Assistant Lab Manager



Ph: 08 9071 5777


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