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Bovine Preg Test Submission Form
Preg Testing with blood samples
Preg Testing with TEGO
Swans Veterinary Services provides an extensive range of products and services for the Beef Producer, from small landholders & hobby farmers up to the largest producers and feedlotters. Our highly equipped vets commonly work within a 400 km practice range and also do runs throughout Western Australia. SVS is the largest cattle practice in the state.
David Swan established SVS and has serviced the area for 20 years, is a beef producer, a member of the Aust. Cattle vets, past WA representative, an inaugural pregnancy testing & bull testing examiner, past treasurer of the Beef Improvement association, WA member for Cattle Council for exotic disease, and Honorary veterinarian for the Esperance Agricultural Society.
Enoch Bergman has been with SVS since 2003 after completing a post- doctorate internship in cattle production and medicine at Colorado State University in 2003.  In 2006 Enoch became a partner at Swans. He is a cattle producer, a member of the Australian Cattle Vets executive as President Elect and WA representative,  an accredited examinar for the National Cattle Pregnancy Diagnosis scheme, member of the BVDV Technical Advisory Group, and regularly speaks locally and nationally on topics influencing beef and dairy producers. He has greatly expanded the geographic range that SVS covers in providing beef cattle services and consultancy. 
Our services include: 
Pregnancy Diagnosis                              

SVS pregnancy tests 50,000 cattle a year. Both David and Enoch are accredited pregnancy testers with the Australian Cattle Vets Scheme and are also  accredited examiners. SVS were the first vets in Western Australia to introduce ultrasound to their preg testing services. We are capable of using the ultrasound to stage and sex fetuses under four months of gestation and can stage fetuses accurately manually througout pregnancy. We are adept and experienced at pelvic measurement and it’s interpretation relating to dystocia management.
In 2013 our laboratory employed the IDEXX Bovine Pregnancy Test. This test uses serum or TEGO blood collection devices, to detect pregnancy associated glycoproteins (PAGs) as early as 28 days post breeding. This service is available to veterinarians and producers Australia wide. A submission form is available for downloading at the link on the left of screen. Please call Sharon in the lab for more information or email

Artificial Insemination SVS has effectively integrated reproductive technologies into their commercial client's beef enterprises dramatically expanding access to Arificial Insemination within the district over the past few years.  Enoch speaks nationally on the benefits of Fixed Time AI in improving commercial herds across Australia.

Bull Testing SVS semen tests in accordance with the Australian Cattle Vet’s scheme. David has developed capacity testing here in Esperance. Enoch had a keen interest in semen testing and has helped to develop its use within the district.  We currently semen and/or capacity test most of the local sale bulls and hundreds of commercial bulls for a number of clients.  We act as distributors for the Pulsator IV electroejaculator.

Ambulatory Service SVS provides on farm consultancy on a prompt basis within 200 kms of Esperance.  We cater to a number of clients further afield on a routine basis, often embarking on 3 day road trips. 

Drug Companies SVS provide consulting and trial work to a range of multi national companies including Pfizer, Virbac, Schering Plough and Bayer.

Obstetrics A full range of emergency obstetric procedures are conducted for calving difficulties.

Education SVS is active in vocational training and provides support to the high school farm. We have organized and presented a range of educational producer seminars.

Disease Investigation Extensive local experience provides prompt accurate diagnosis and resolution of animal health problems.

Production Advice Provided on a range of preventive animal health issues.

Parasitology Faecal Analysis service and advice on parasite management.

Insurance Work Claims and examinations.

BVDV diagnosis & testing See separate web page.

Corporate Clients SVS has enjoyed catering to a number of large corporate clients over the years.

We also provide and cater for the following: Bull reproductive surgery, cancer eye treatment, individual sick animal visitations, lameness treatment, feedlot consultancy, pharmaceutical supply, production advice.

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