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About Us

SVS provides veterinary services over a 1,000 km radius of Esperance, including a weekly clinic in Ravensthorpe as well as providing consultancy and diagnostic services to producers and veterinarians nationwide. Our daily workload is extremely varied, primarily treating beef cattle, sheep, horses, dogs and cats. Our staff are also qualified to deal with alpacas, small furries, reptiles and wildlife.

We provide a 24 hour service to the Esperance community and surrounding areas, 365 days a year. Our on-farm cattle and sheep consulting and management practices form an integral part of our business. We offer pregnancy testing of sheep and cattle, disease investigation, faecal worm egg counting and drench resistance testing.

As we are situated in a remote location we feel it is important to offer services that clinics closer to more populated centres and referral facilities may not make available, including state of the art imaging technology like digital radiography and ultrasonography, specialist orthopaedic procedures such as the TTO for cruciate disease, and reproduction services like bovine and equine artificial insemination. Our veterinarians are continually improving their education and are encouraged to focus their skills and create a niche for themselves, allowing us to offer specialist services at a very high standard for all animals big and small.

Our range of services and skills see animals & their owners travelling from the Nullabor, Goldfields & wheatbelt to get complex procedures done, instead of seeing specialists in Perth. This occurs several times a week with the owner spending a night or 2 in Esperance, with benefits to the wider business community.

We have three consultation rooms, a large renovated dog ward with under floor heating, a cat ward and an isolation ward. Our up to date hospital facilities include two surgical theatres, one of which is reserved for orthopaedic surgery, two digital x-ray machines, six ultrasound machines, two endoscopes, a ventilator, oxygen machines, an ultrasonic scaler and dental cart as well as an extensive range of orthopaedic equipment. We also offer a wide range of merchandise including a range of food products for dogs, cats and birds in our reception area. Since our extensive renovations and expansions were completed in 2019, we now offer onsite horse facilities which includes an anaesthetic drop down box, an undercover crush and two stables.

The large animal component of our practice is well equipped primarily servicing beef cattle, sheep and horses. Our large animal vets are frequently travelling as far as the South Australian border, Perth and all points in between.

Swans Veterinary Services is the Australian distributor for large animal reproductive equipment and supplies manufactured by Lane. We have become their biggest distributor in the world. SVS is also the sole Australian agent for XXTERRA (A Herbal Paste for the Treatment of Sarcoid and Other Skin Cancers of Horses), in which we sell directly to veterinarians across Australia.

BVDV Laboratory

In 2006, Dr. Bergman pioneered Australia’s first commercially available laboratory for the testing of ear notch tissue for the diagnosis of animals persistently infected (PI) with BVD (Pestivirus). Working with over two hundred veterinary practices and thousands of producers from all over Australia, Swans Veterinary Services tests over 50,000 samples annually, backed up with Enoch’s management advice for managing this most costly of bovine viral diseases.

The profile generated by the BVD lab raised the profile of the practice to a national level and indirectly led to Dr. Bergman’s election as president of the Australian Cattle Vets.

Please click here to access BVDV Lab section of this Website.

Swans Veterinary Staff

Swans Veterinary Services currently employs 28 staff members, including 11 veterinarians.


Swans Veterinary Services provide an extensive range of services for pets, cattle, horses and sheep. Please see relevant sections for details.

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