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Brucellosis Testing and Accreditation
Swans Veterinary Services provide an extensive range of services to the Sheep Industry of Esperance and surrounding area. We are members of the Australian Veterinary Association, the Australian Sheep Veterinary Association, WORMBOSS, and committee members of the local ASHEEP committee.

We pride ourselves in providing relevant and cost effective veterinary services to the sheep industry.

Our services include:
Pregnancy Scanning Fast accurate single, multiple, & export scanning.

Worm control Prompt egg counting, full drench resistance testing, integrated parasite control programs.

Ram Sedation Large stocks of Ace held as a sedation agent for the safe and smooth shearing of your rams.

Brucellosis testing and accreditation Ram bleeding, control advice.

Disease investigation & postmortem  Finding out what is wrong with your sheep in order to improve production.

Production and Flock Health advice Consultation service for those questions that need answering in relation to your flocks health.

Ram fertility testing Pre joining examination, teste palpation & full semen testing.

Accredited Gudair dealer Vaccination programs for the control of Ovine Johnes disease, and for sales and export accreditation.

Trisolfen Agent Sole Esperance agent for this great product. Provides pain relief for lambs at mulsing time. Bleeding is greatly reduced, lambs are more comfortable, and mother up faster.

Antibiotics                                             We commonly supply Benacillin LA for use at marking to reduce the incidence of arthritis. Alamycin 300 LA is used for treatment of “Dermo” and foot abscess. Speak to one of our vets.

Dectomax for Sheep See us for extra label use of Dectomax injectable for sustained internal parasite and fly strike control.

Sheep dogs Don’t forget we provide all you need to keep your sheep dog in tip top condition.



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