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Food and Nutrition
Food and Nutrition
New Puppies and Kittens
Lost and Found
Our preferred and recommended premium quality food for dogs and cats is the Australian made Advance pet food range. They cater from growing puppies and kittens to every day adult dog or cat food through to your senior pet. They also have specific diets to help your pet manage any health issues such as sensitive skin or dental health. They provide your pet with a whole, balanced and complete diet in biscuit or tinned form that your pet is sure to enjoy! We also stock a range of dietary supplement such as vitamin and mineral replacers, supplement for arthritis and joint health and also products to improve coat and skin conditions. Also in stock are milk replacers and bird raising mixes.
Dental Health
Does your furry companion have bad breath or difficulty eating? 
Did you know that dental disease is a very common problem and if left unattended could result in more severe and generalized health issues such as heart disease, kidney failure or bone infection? At Swans Veterinary Services we are well equipped with a full range of preventative and therapeutic measures to address all facets of this problem in your pet. Why not book in for a dental check to discussion prevention and management before your pet develops dental disease? NOW is the time to be proactive about your unsanitary housemate!

We stock a variety of different methods and ideas for taking care of your pet's pearly whites. 

Dental treats:
We also offer certain treatments:
  • Greenies, dentabones and kong dental sticks.
  • Aquadent to put into your dog or cats water
  • Dentafresh gel-oral cleansing gel with simple squirt application, no brushing needed.
  • Pet toothbrushes and toothpastes
  • Dental diets

Routine scaling & polishing of teeth

Extractions are only performed when deemed essential for the health & comfort of your pet.

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