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Herbal Paste for the Treatment of Sarcoid and Other Skin Cancers of Horses.
XXTERRA, now available in Australia, is a paste made of zinc salt, water & bloodroot (Sanguineria Canadensis).   The use of bloodroot paste was first reported by Frederick Mohs M.D., in 1941, in the Archives of Surgery.
XXTERRA is available directly only to veterinarians. Swans Veterinary Services are the sole Australian agent for XXTERRA.
At Swans, we have been using the product with great success to treat sarcoids and melenomas. We have had nothing but positive reports from the Australian veterinarians we have been supplying.
Dr Ken Larson developed XXTERRA at the Colorado State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine in 1970 for the treatment of sarcoids. Continuous use and refinement have produced XXTERRA, as we know it today. The product has been used successfully in the US for several years.
Sarcoids, the benign skin tumors of horses, are refractory to most forms of treatment. XXTERRA affects sarcoids by altering the tumor antigens in-vivo. This stimulates the immune system to recognize the tumor as foreign and to mount a response quite similar to a host vs. graft rejection. The tumor bed becomes lined with sensitized WBC’s, becoming inflamed and eventually causing it to slough off. During treatment it can become quite sore to the touch, however this sensitivity usually only lasts a few days. 
EFFICACY: XXTERRA has been effective in over 95% of the sarcoids treated by Dr. Larson. It has been used on Equine warts, squamous cell carcinomas, proud flesh, melanomas and fibromas with variable success. It remains to be seen how many other neoplasms may be treated with XXTERRA as various members of the AAEP are doing continued experimentation. Total failures have been observed in rare instances and have been attributed to primary immune deficiencies.
SAFETY:  XXTERRA appears safe on normal skin. It has been used in the oral cavity of humans and dogs with no ill effects. Application to shaved legs of 10 horses under a wrap for 7 days produced only transient erythema on 2 horses. Continuous contact to the hands and arms of Dr Larson for over 30 years has produced nothing but transiently dry skin.

Use of XXTERRA on Equine Sarcoids
  • Where bandaging is practical:
      • Apply a thin layer of XXTERRA over the surface of the sarcoid and cover with a non-adherent pad such as melonin.  Wrap as per normal.  Leave covered for 4-6 days.  After removing the wrap, the sarcoid should be inflamed and may appear as a dry hard scab. The tumor may slough up, coming off easily or with the wrap.  If the tumour is not ready to slough off, repeat the process as above. Once the sarcoid sloughs, treatment ceases, unless the wound needs covered or the sarcoid returns.
  • When bandaging is impractical:
      • Apply XXTERRA directly to the sarcoid daily for 4-6 days. The sarcoid may begin to dry up prior to sloughing off. If it does not slough off after the primary course of treatment, continue to apply XXTERRA once every four days until the sarcoid sloughs.
Once the sarcoid has sloughed, the bed of granulation material remaining will continue to fill in. The wound may need to be covered, and once uncovered fly repellant should be applied.
XXTERRA stimulates the immune system to recognize the sarcoid as foreign resulting in a response similar to a transplant-rejection reaction. While the remaining wound tends to heal well a scar will usually remain. Please warn clients of use on ears as the scar may deform ear conformation. Each sarcoid behaves differently and their reaction to XXTERRA may vary significantly. Other than the rare reoccurance, no follow up treatment is typically necessary.
Please feel free to contact Swans Veterinary Services for further information, or to order XXTERRA.


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