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Veterinary Rehabilitation Services

We are really excited to offer Veterinary Rehabilitation Services with our qualified Nurse Bradley, who through his nursing role found his passion for the rehabilitation of dogs.

Brad perused this passion becoming a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Veterinary Nurse through the Royal Veterinary Collage and the Australian Veterinary Nursing Association. Brad then went further in completing his diploma Physiotherapy in dogs.

Rehabilitation and physical therapy is a rapidly growing area within the veterinary world and has many fantastic uses for your beloved pet.

Our goals at Swans Veterinary Services with physical therapy can be to:

• Reduce the pain felt by the animal making it more comfortable to move and therefor improve their quality of life.
• Reduce inflammation/swelling which helps reduce pain felt by your pet. Reducing excessive swelling will reduce the likelihood of your animal having future mobility issues. Protecting joint and muscular function and ensuring a full range of motion can be performed. The protection of these joints will decrease the risk of injury and compensatory issues that the animal may experience.
• Assisting in post-surgical or injury recovery and assisting neurological and geriatric patients with functionality issues.This is done a few different ways but we have fantastic tools such as the rehabilitation ultrasound and red light therapies that will increase recovery speed, allowing your pet to get back to its prime condition.

Brad has found his niche, passion and love, working with owners and their beloved pets creating individualised programs for each patient that are unique to their needs and collaborative with you, the owner, and your veterinarian to ensure the best possible outcome.

Please contact one of our team members on 08 9071 5777 to book your pet in for an assessment.

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