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We have a fully portable ultrasound machine with a specific reproduction probe which is used for breeding soundness examinations, follicle examinations, and pregnancy diagnosis in mares.

We also offer artificial insemination programs for breeding mares using frozen semen from stallions all around Australia and even worldwide. Upon initial reproductive examination to obtain your mares stage of heat cycle, a program is then tailor made to set her up for artificial breeding at exactly the right time. Given this project requires round the clock checks and scans we also offer hospitalisation for your horse during this crucial period depending on your location and facilities. For more information call us on 08 90715777 and our vets are always happy to provide further details.

Post natal and foal examinations are also an essential part of breeding horses. We are experienced in foaling mares and performing vital post foaling examinations to check for issues such as retained membranes. An examination of your new foal is essential within the first 24 hours to ensure they are strong and healthy and developing normally. We run a paddock side IgG blood test to check they have received enough colostrum to ensure a healthy immune system going forward, and perform plasma transfusions for those foals requiring it.

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