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Dr Scott Jackson BSc BVMS

Scott started with us in early 2021 after working in mixed practice in York. He hails originally from Busselton where he spent his teenage and early adult years milking cows and working in the sale yards.

His passion lies in mixed practice where one can experience the thrill of jumping between a cattle caesarean in the rain and stitching up a muskove duck that got into a scrap with a dog. His special interests lie in cattle medicine and production systems, significant disease investigations and small animal internal medicine.

In his free time, he is into everything Esperance, from fishing and camping with his girlfriend Kenzie and Irish Setter Maisey, to cutting up the dunes in his beloved hilux and brewing his own beer.

When he's not armpit deep in a cow, you will find him cruising down wylie with his dog or at the brewery enjoying a few coldies on the weekend.

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